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Kurixalus absconditus

Piasak Frilled Swamp Tree Frog


According to the original description (Mediyansyah et al. 2019; Truebia 46, 51–72) Kurixalus absconditus is tree frog of the genus Kurixalus from West Kalimantan. It was described on the basis of molecular phylogenetic and morphological evidence. The new species can be distinguished from its congeners (including K. chaseni) by a combination of following morphological characters: having smaller body size, more prominent of mandibular symphysis, skin smooth on throat, vomerine odontophores two oblique series touching anterior corner of choanae and widely separated, vomerine teeth thick, buccal cavity narrow and deep, choanae with teardrop shaped, single vocal slit, weakly crenulated dermal fringe on fore- and hindlimbs.

In the field, this species may be difficult to differentiate from K. chaseni. The distribution of K. absconditus is not fully understood and although the species has been reported for Kalimantan, it may occur in East Malaysia, particularly West Sarawak that is closest to the type locality of the species (village forest area of Piasak Village, Kapuas Hulu District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia (0° 41’46.49” N, 112°10’50.74”E).

Photos of adults and larvae are not available at this point.



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