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We have thousands of images in our databases, covering frogs, tadpoles, and habitats from Borneo. Most of the photos are from our own group, but several individuals kindly provided additional photographic material, either because they can contribute rare photos or have excellent photographic skills. We acknowledge those friends and supporters on the pages where their photos appear. Some contributors are also mentioned with their websites in the Links section.

Less is more! For this web site we select the best photos. "Best" can be best to show a specific feature or best to identify a tadpole. "Best" is not necessarily beautiful or technically impeccable. Sometimes we have to take what is available, for example, in rare species.

All photos on this site are in low resolution. If you need high-res images for some purpose feel free to contact us. For commercial use ask us for a quote.

Please respect copyrights.


Some tips for frog and tadpole photography:

Use SLR equipment of one of the big camera makers (Nikon, Canon, Olympus etc.). Use macro prime lenses, 60 or 100 mm focal length. For most photographers, it is better to spend money on a good lens and flashes rather than an expensive camera body. In the field weight of the camera equipment can be an issue. Frogs tend to sit still for some time and then jump away all the sudden. Therefore a tripod is of little use.

The flash system is critical for taking images with small aperture (11-22) and great depth of field. Full format cameras give less depth of field than APS sensor cameras. Use the dedicated flash system of your camera manufacturer to get optimal control of your flash system and lighting of the scene. One flash will give enough light, but will give you limited options for lighting; a second slave flash will increase your creative freedom. 

For tadpole images you will have to catch the tadpoles and put them into a small glass aquarium for photography. That is what we did on this web site. Catching and handling tadpoles must be carefully and needs some experience. Use water from the site to fill the aquarium; never use tap water. Put tadpoles back to their pond or stream after photography.

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