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The Frogs of Borneo

We exclusively cover frogs from the island of Borneo. To navigate to them, use the family navigation in the left sidebar or the list below.  Once you are in the respective family, there will be a list with genera and species in the right sidebar to navigate directly to the species you want to see. 

For a comprehensive compilation of the latest frog taxonomy and a list of all frog families and species see Amphibian Species of the World by Dr. Darrel Frost, American Museum of Natural History, New York. We are grateful to Dr. Frost for letting us cross-link to his database for taxonomic information on each species.

Amphibia Web is a scientific web site with coverage of currently recognized amphibian taxa. It applies a more conservative taxonomy of frogs. It offers a wealth of informations, such as species descriptions, images of species, sound files, country searches, distribution maps, amphibian declines... and a lot more.