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Frogs of Borneo

The website is dedicated to the frogs of Borneo and their larval forms. It covers species in an easy to access form with basic biological information and imagery, if available.

Our mission: Easy access, easy use, unique imagery, and reliable information. We want to serve a broad range of users. We keep it simple. We like to be in touch with you; send us your feedback or field observations!

Taxonomy is an active research field. New insights lead to amendments. Species previously considered an evolutionary unit are split up into several species and new species names are published. This can be perceived as confusing, but only documents how little we still know about the true diversity of Bornean frogs. We expect many discoveries in the future. We try to keep track on this site as good as we can. For the latest taxonomic developments, however, we recommend Amphibian Species of the World.

If you have any question or if you can contribute observations or photos, please contact us.

This is a creative commons licensed website. Click on creative commons icon below and learn more about the details of the license. 

Update 2024: The backend of the website has been updated and the data structure has been cleaned up. Small changes have been made in the frontend already. There are many inconsistencies and errors that need editing. We ask for your understanding and patience. Starting this year, we will update contents and layout step by step, depending on our time budget. Feedback from you is welcome can accelerate the process. Contact us!

Our book on the tadpoles of Borneo is available at various online bookstores, Amazon or from the publisher