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Afro-asian Tree Frogs

Approximately 40 species are known from Borneo. We are confident that future research will discover more species.

The Rhacophoridae include tree frogs (Polypedates, some Rhacophorus, Theloderma), flying frogs (some Rhacophorus), bush frogs (Philautus), and the Cinnamon Frog (Nyctixalus pictus).

The Flying Frogs have become famous due to their mentioning by the pioneer of evolutionary biology Alfred Russel Wallace and because they can fly (or better call it parachute by virtue of their webbed hands and feet). However, only few species have that gliding ability. Most members lack the extensive webbing.

Many of the species in the genera Rhacophorus and Polypedates use foam nests for egg deposition. 

We assume that most of the species in the genus Philautus have direct development, i.e., complete development in the egg capsule without free swimming tadpole stage.

Another mode of reproduction is found in Nyctixalus pictus: it is a phytothelm breeder. Tadpoles live in tree holes.



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