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Where to see frogs in East Malaysia?

All National Parks in Sarawak and Sabah are excellent places to see and enjoy the spectacular frogs of Borneo. Some examples are given on this page. Explore the respective site during the day and go out with a torch and headlamp at night to spot the frogs. We use torches and headlamps with LED technology.



Kubah National Park

Although a small park, it holds a wealth of 55 Amphibian species! Close to Kuching, easily accessible. Once a year the UNIMAS in Kuching organizes the International Frog Race there.

Gunung Mulu National Park

A large park with beautiful mountain scenery. About 100 species of amphibians are known from this park. Remote places can be challenging (steep, high slopes).



Gunung Kinabalu National Park

Known for the highest peak in SE Asia, the park is also an El Dorado for frog researchers and frog lovers. The park and surroundings are type locality for many frogs.

Tawau Hills National Park

Far east in Sabah, this park offers an estimated 60 amphibian species. Accessible, flat areas and moderately high hills.


General Information

Learn their calls to locate them even before seeing them. 

If you have a friend to hold your torch, you can make beautiful frog images right in the natural habitat.

For security reasons, never go out to the forest alone or without water.

You should not leave the marked trails.


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