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11. Mar 2020

... some corrections of generic assignments in Leptomantis, following Frost (2020)


15. Jan 2020

Kurixalus chaseni removed from synonymy with K. appendiculatus.

Kurixalus absconditus added


Dez. 2019

Megophrys kalimantanensis (new species) added to Website.



Leptobrachella fusca and L. bodangensis added to species, keeping them under Leptobrachella for the time being despite suggestions to synonymize Leptobrachella with Leptolalax (see Frost's Ampibian Species of the World)


12. Feb 2018

Grouping several megophyids back under Megophrys according to current treatment in Frost's list. Multiple small issues fixed.


21. Jan 2018

Photo Sabaphrynus maculatus added. Donated and © by Chin Lee.


12. Dec. 2017

two tadpole photos added to Leptobrachium hendricksoni, thanks to and © by Nick Baker


11. Dec. 2017

two photos added to Gastrophynoides, male and female, thanks to and © by Lars Fehlandt and Pui Yong Min


21. Nov. 2017

Pelophryne penrissenensis added


27. October 2017

additional photos of Pseudobufo from Kalimantan added, courtesy Zainudin Basriansyah Akar


4. October 2017

Glyphoglossus flavus fotos and text added. Additional photos of Gastrophrynoides borneenis added. 


8. September 2017

Limnonectes kong and Limnonectes conspicillatus added 


25. July 2017

Ansonia teneritas added


29. Mai 2017 

Rentapia rugosus deleted (synonymized with everetti)


06. Aug 2016

Calluella transferred to Glyphoglossus.


09. April 2016

Varius taxonomic changes made according to recent papers. See Frost et al. 2016 for Details ( Some new images posted.


22. March 2016

Chiromantis inexpectatus images and text posted. Philautus disgregus images and text posted. Further images uploaded for a number of species.


29. Dezember 2015

Kalophrynus pleurostigma changed into Kalophrynus meizon according to Zug 2015.


26. October 2015

Meristogenys penrissenensis and Leptobrachella juliandringi added to species accounts.


17. April 2015

Rhacophorus malkmusi added to species. Images Hylarana megalonesa added.


21. Januar 2015

For unidentified reasons, the login for registered users does not work anymore. For the time being, I have deactivated the login (used to be left bottom).


9. Januar 2015

Several new species have been added and taxonomic changes assimilated.



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