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Theloderma licin

Warted Frog

A  bicoloured frog with mostly smooth dorsal surface, characterised by large tympanum; fingers with lateral dermal fringes and basal webbing; three oval metacarpal tubercles; toes webbed to base of expanded tips; distinct oval inner metatarsal tubercle; outer metatarsal tubercle absent; dorsum pale pinkish-cream, with dark brown inguinal and axial spots and blotches; a dark brown bar extends from snout posteriorly to supratympanic fold; venter of body and limbs with dark brown reticulations and iris red.

SVL to 28.0-30.1 mm (in males) and 27.7-31.2 mm (in females).

The species is known from the Malay Peninsula (southern Peninsular Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia) and Borneo. 




Theloderma_licin Theloderma_licin (1) Theoderma licin ventral







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