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"Leptomantis gadingensis"

Gading Tree Frog

Rhacophorus_gadingensis Rhacophorus_gadingensis (1) Rhacophorus_gadingensis (2) Rhacophorus_gadingensis (3) Rhacophorus_gadingensis(6)


Leptomantis gadingensis is a small to mid-size tree frog. It is brown above with some dark brown to olive markings. Note the iris coloration and the spurs on the heals. It was first described from Gunung Gading National Park in West Sarawak. Recently we found it in Kubah National park as well. Adults reach approximately 30 mm snout-vent length.

Little is know about the ecology of this species. It seems to prefer primary or good secondary dipterocarp lowland forest. L. gadingensis produces small foam nests on vegetation overhanging streams. 

Tadpoles are stream adapted. Their oral disk is oriented towards the substratum. The tadpoles use their mouth to cling to rocks on pebble in the current.

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