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Leptomantis fasciatus

Banded Tree Frog

Rhacophorus_fasciatus Rhacophorus_fasciatus (1) Rhacophorus_fasciatus (2)


Leptomantis fasciatus is a widespread lowland species in Sarawak and Sabah. Little is known about this species because adults live high up in the trees and seem to come down only for reproduction. It is a mid-size treefrog. According to Inger (1966) males measure 40–45 mm, females 50–55 mm snout-vent length. 

This frog is brown to amber with dark markings on the dorsum, a band between the eyes, and transverse bands across the thigh. Cream spots below the eye are common. We do not know the full spectrum of this species yet, but the species seems to be variable. The snout is pointed. The tympanum is smaller in relation to eye diameter than in R. rufipes

Males can be heard calling from 10-20 m high in trees. The species is most similar to Leptomantis harrissoni and L. rufipes. According to current evidence, L. fasciatus spawns in swamps, whereas L. harrissoni is a tree-hole breeder.

Photo (black) courtesy of ©Ch'ien Lee

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