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Philautus umbra

Pinnacle Bush Frog

Philautus_umbra Philautus_umbra (1)


Philautus umbra is a rare frog, only known from its type locality, Gunung Api, Gunung Mulu Natl. Park, >900 m asl. The depicted specimen was caught recently by Maximilian Dehling, probably for the first time since its first description in 1987 by J. Dring! With up to 35 mm snout-vent length, this species is fairly large for a Philautus

At daytime these frogs are almost uniformly blackish above, but lighten up to light grey during the night. Size, coloration, and body proportions (note long fingers and broad adhesive disks) make this frog unique. It cannot be confused easily with any other species.

The reproductive mode of this species is unknown, as are many other aspects of its biology.



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