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Philautus refugii

Western Lowland Bush Frog

Philautus_refugii Philautus_refugii (1) Philautus_refugii (2)


Philautus refugii has been described quite recently by Inger & Stuebing (1996). These authors gave the following diagnosis:

"Cutaneus pectoris muscle present; lingual papilla absent; male with round nuptial pad; female with small rostral cone; fifth toe webbed to distal edge of distal subarticular tubercle of beyond; anterior face of thigh with conspicuously barred pattern; rear of thigh reddish brown; male <19 mm, females <21 mm."

Records have been from Western Sarawak so far, but the species may prove to be more widespread.

Very little is know about this small, brown frog. According to our own observations, it prefers fern thickets at forest edges of patches of clearing. Due to its small size, it is very hard to find, its presence is more easily detected by its call. 

It is similar to Philautus davidlabangi and P. julinadringi. These two lack the barred pattern at the anterior face of thigh. Philautus refugii has a round snout and canthus (more pointed and edged in the other two), and is smaller, with head and body appearing more compact, than in P. davidlabangi and P. juliandringi in direct comparison.

The reproductive mode of this species is unknown.



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