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Philautus juliandringi

Dring’s Bush Frog



Philautus juliandringi is a rare frog. It is known from Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak. 

The depicted specimen is from a small series that was described recently by Maximilian Dehling at Gunung Api. Formerly it has been referred to as P. longicrus by Julian Dring, but it could be shown that specimens from Mulu represent a separate species.

A small frog (<20 mm in males!). Size, basic coloration and pattern are reminiscent of P. refugii at first glance (see comments there). But both species clearly differ in head shape and body proportions. The species has exceptionally (for Philautus) long shanks (tibia).

The reproductive mode of this species is unknown, as are many other aspects of its biology.



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