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Philautus kerangae

Kerangas Bush Frog

Philautus_keragae (1) Philautus_kerangae


Philautus kerangae is a brown and green bush frog of medium size (approximately 33 mm in males, 43 mm in females). 

This species was described by Julian Dring in 1987 from areas of kerangas forest at Mulu. 

We heard groups of widely separate males in kerangas forest. Males perched 2–5 m above the ground on leaves in trees. Calls are a series of harsh, loud notes.

According to Julian Dring (1987) this species deposits its eggs in the pitchers of Nepenthes bicalcarata. One clutch comprises 6–8 eggs and Dring's observations suggest that males may guard their clutch. He writes that larval development and metamorphosis are completed in the egg and the metamorphosed froglet hatches at a body length of about 8 mm.



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