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Philautus davidlabangi

Matang Bush Frog

Philautus_davidlabangi Philautus_davidlabangi (1)


Philautus davidlabangi has been described by Matsui (2009) from the Matang Range, Sarawak, but it is likely that it is more widespread.

The coloration is brown with dark markings. The ventral side is mottled dark brown. The iris is dark brown, too. The snout is sharp-edged between eye and nostril. Males reach approximately 20 mm; females are unknown.

The species is similar to Philautus refugii. The new species differs from P. refugii in somewhat larger size, having inner sides of thighs without barred pattern, and by possessing nuptial pads. See more comment under Philautus refugii. The genetic differentiation between the two species have not been worked out yet. 

The call is a short, single-pulsed note.



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