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Philautus bunitus

Green Bush Frog

(6) Philautus_bunitus


Philautus bunitus is green in color and 40 mm (males) to 46 mm (females) in size. 

This species inhabits primary montane and submontane forests (900-1,600 m asl) of western Sabah. The species occurs in abundance at Mt. Kinabalu; and it is surprising that the species was described only in 1995 (by Inger, Stuebing, and Tan). The call is a series of loud, harsh notes and can be heard, for example, all around Mt. Kinabalu National Park headquaters. However, the frog is rarely seen because individuals usually perch several meters above the ground.

We have evidence that Philautus bunitus has direct development (e.g., completely develped froglets hatch from the egg capsules). Eggs seem to be laid in moist epiphytes in trees. These findings are preliminary and need further corroboration.



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