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Nyctixalus pictus

Cinnamon Frog

Nyctixalus_pictus Nyctixalus_pictus (1) Nyctixalus_pictus (2) Nyctixalus_pictus (3)


Nyctixalus pictus  is a beautiful frog of lowland and hillside rainforests. We found the species up to 1350 m asl. Inger & Stuebing (2005) mention records from up to 1650 m. The coloration and pattern is unique among Bornean frogs, so it is unlikely to confuse this frog with any other species. Size of adults: males and females are around 30-35 mm snout-vent length.

This species is a phytothelm breeder: tadpoles develop in tree holes (or similar structures). The tadpoles are quite distinctive: Tadpoles are dorsoventrally flattend. Viewed from above the tadpole’s body is broadly oval. The eyes are dorsally positioned. Coloration is dark brown. The tail ends bluntly. The tail fin is relatively low. Size: up to 50 mm.

When a tree hole is inhabited by tadpoles of this species, we usually found only a few of them in one given hole.



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