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Staurois parvus

Lesser Rock Skipper

Staurois_parvus Staurois_parvus_flagging S. parvus adult (Brunei 2010)_D.Preininger Staurois_parvus_juvenile S. parvus juvenile (Vienna Zoo 2012)_N.Potensky Staurois_parvus_tads S. parvus tadepole (Vienna Zoo 2010)_N. Potensky


Staurois parvus is a small representative of the genus. Previously this taxon has been included in S. tuberilinguis, but Matsui (2007) has argued that it is a species of its own, but related to S. tuberilinguis (recently confirmed by Arifin et al. 2011). The hallmarks of S. parvus are the short snout (compare to eye-diameter) and the small body size (males ca. 20–24 mm SVL, females 26–31 mm).

S. parvus has been reported from Brunei and adjacent Sarawak, as well as Sabah. As the other species in the genus, it uses foot-flagging for intraspecific communication.

Details of the reproductive behavior are only known from captive breeding. The tadpoles are similar to those of S. guttatus. 

Images of foot flagging and tadpoles courtesy © Doris Preininger, © Norbert Potensky 

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