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Odorrana hosii

Poisonous Rock Frog

Odorrana hosii (3) Odorrana_hosii Odorrana_hosii (1) Odorrana_hosii (2)


Odorrana hosii inhabits lowland and hillside primary and secondary forsests. It is closely associated with rocky streams. 

This frog is often found at night perching 1–2 m high on shrubs in or at medium to large rocky streams or on vegetation overhanging the river's edge. Males are usually between 50-68 mm, females may occasionally grow up to 100 mm. 

The skin secretions of this frog are particularly poisonous and will kill any other frog getting too much skin contact with it. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling this frog. Do not get its secretion in contact with your eyes, mouth, nose or wounds.

The tadpoles are dark grey in appearance. The tail fin is moderately high; the tail itself is long. The tail fin is devoid of any skin glands. The iris is golden (not red). These features distinguishe it from the otherwise relatively similar tadpoles of Hylarana signata and picturata

We found tadpoles of O. hosii in a > 50 cm deep, quiet side pool of a rocky stream that contained leaf litter and plant debris. 




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