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Pulchrana glandulosa

Rough-sided Frog

Hylarana_glandulosa Hylarana_glandulosa (3) Hylarana_glanulosa (1) Hylarana_glanulosa (2)


Pulchrana glandulosa lives in swampy primary or secondary forest areas, such as alluvial forest and peat swamps. 

The body of this impressive frog is robust and the head fairly large. The dorsal side is brown with black blotches. The tympanum is black with a light spot. 

P. glandulosa is similar to P. baramica, but differs from the latter by larger size, more robust appearance, and large flat warts on the flanks. Male and females are usually between 60–90 mm in snout-vent length. A call sequence of a male consists of a series of loud "whak", sometimes reminiscent of a dog's barking.

Tadpoles live in water filled depressions with thick layers of leave litter. Tadpoles are very shy and hard to see, because the seem to come out only at night and rapidly swim into the leave debris upon the slightest distrubance. They have only been described in 2006 by Inger, Stuebing & Stuart. The body color is black. The tail fins are low. There are extensive patches of skin glands on head and body (but not on tail or tail fin).



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