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Pulchrana baramica

Brown Marsh Frog

Hylarana_baramica Hylarana_baramica (1) Hylarana_baramica (3) Hylarana_baramica (4)


Pulchrana baramica inhabits alluvial and peat swamp forest. The size of adults is around 40 mm in males and up to 67 mm in females.

This frog is mottled brown above and lighter, sometimes yellowish, at the flanks. Coloration is darker during the day than at night (photos below: night coloration). The skin texture is granular to slightly warty. The tympanum is dark, but lightens up in the center.

P. baramica is agile and always on its toes for a big jump. Males call from vegetation 1–3 m in height. The call is loud and a fast series of pulses with increasing intensity. Tadpoles are unknown.

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