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Meristogenys maryatiae

Maryati’s Torrent Frog

Meristogenys_maryatiae (1) Meristogenys_maryatiae (2)


Meristogenys maryatiae inhabits rocky streams in lowland and hillside forests of Sabah.

This species is so far known from western Sabah. The altitudinal range is from 155 to 1000 m a.s.l.

M. maryatiae is a relatively small form of the genus: 31– 37 mm SVL (snout-vent length) in males, females measure 65–65 mm. The head is narrow, its width relative to SVL 32–36%. The iris' upper and lower halves are golden, with darker, reddish segments in between.

The back is olive brown with dark spots The upper lip is light brown with few darker spots. The tympanum is dark brown with lighter center. The limbs are marked on the upper side with alternating light and dark brown cross-bars; the darker ones wider.

The rear of the thigh is dark brown mottled with irregular light spots. The lower lip is indistinctly barred light brown; throat, chest, and abdomen whitish except for vocal sac, which is light brown. The ventral surfaces of the legs are slightly darker, without dots of melanophores on the legs. The webbing is blackish brown.

As in all species of the genus, the legs are long (length of tibia / SVL = 66.8–77.5%). The ventral surface of tibia lacks heavy pigmentation. The rear of the thigh is blotched dark brown and cream. The broad webbing reaches the disks on all toes.

Photos of adults courtesy of ©Tomohiko Shimada. 




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