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Meristogenys jerboa

Western Torrent Frog

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Meristogenys jerboa inhabits rocky streams in lowland and hillside forests of western Sarawak.

This frog is often found at night perching on boulders or vegetation in rocky streams or vegetation. Females may grow up to 82 mm, but males (specimen below) are usually much smaller. 

The snout is protruding in profile and the body is slender in males, slightly more stocky in females. The iris is bronze in the upper third and coppery in the lower parts. 

The tadpole is light brown, but can vary from orange to slightly olive hue. Upper and lower beaks are divided. Snout and body are depressed and streamlined. The tail is strong. The tail tip is pointed. The tadpole can reach approx. 35 mm in total length. 




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