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Meristogenys dyscritus

Torrent Frog

Dyscritus Meristogenys dyscritus 0 Meristogenys dyscritus 0 1 Meristogenys dyscritus 0 2 Meristogenys_dyscritus01


Meristogeny dyscritus is similar in appearance to M. amoropalamus. M. discrytus inhabits clear mountain streams and is known from Gunung Kinabalus and Crocker range. Males reach 32–40 mm and females 61–71 mm snout-vent length. The iris is sandy brown colored above and dark reddish-brown below. The rear side of the thigh is dark with dusted light spots. The feet are not fully webbed: at the fourth toe the terminal two finger segments are free of broad webbing. 

The backside is light brown with scattered dark spots. There is a dark streak from the eye to the snout, just below an edge (canthus). A dark band starts behind the eyes and continues along the upper flank; branching off from the band is another dark streak that goes down behind the eardrum.

Examination of gravid females showed that this species may produce 700–1.500 eggs.

Tadpoles are adapted to clear cascading mountain streams and possess an abdominal sucker and divided upper and lower jaws.

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