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Meristogenys amoropalamus

Mountain Torrent Frog

Meristogenys_amoropalamus Meristogenys_amoropalamus (2) Meristogenys_amoropalamus (3) Meristogenys_amoropalamus (4)


Meristogenys amoropalamus is known from the Mulu and Kinabalu mountains between 1.300 and 2.000 m. asl. 

As in the other Meristogenys species, sexual dimorphism is pronounced. The females grow up to approx. 80 mm, the malese are substantially smaller and less robustly built (see male [right] and female below). The eardrum of the male is very large.

The snout is relatively blunt. Females are olive green with black spots above. The skin on the back is smooth with lateral folds. The iris is bright green in the upper third. 

The tadpole has an enlarged oral disk with an extension by a belly sucker, as is a feature shared by all species in the genus. 

The lower beak of the mouth appears undivided in most specimens but is slightly divided in the individual shown here. The curvature of the tail fin is smooth and the tail tip is only moderately pointed. Glands are present in the upper and lower fin.



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