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Kaloula pulchra

Banded Bullfrog



Kaloula pulchra is an introduced species having been imported into Borneo in relatively recent time. It is common in other part of southeast Asia. Not surprising, this species is most common in coastal agricultural country, spreading inland. 

It is found in open country in the vicinity of agricultural fields, rice paddies, ponds, roadside ditches, golf courses, hotel resorts... It tolerates human activities very well and draws advantages from them. It will not be seen in the forest. Females may exceed 70 mm in snout vent length, males usually are smaller. 

The species can be heard calling even in big cities like Kuching or the Kota Kinabalu area. 

The common name "bullfrog" stems from the deep and loud calls of the males. K. pulchra may emerge in large numbers after heavy rainfalls. Tiny eggs are laid in shallow water. The clutch floats as surface film on the water. Larvae are very similar to those of K. baleata. See details there.




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