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Kaloula baleata

Brown Bullfrog

Kaloula_baleata Kaloula_baleata (1) Kaloula_baleata_tadpole


Kaloula baleata is common in the Sunda region and, unlike K. pulchra, belongs to the native fauna of Borneo. 

Dorsal coloration is brown with irregular patches of dark brown; no stripes. The body is stocky. Fingers bear adhesive discs at the tips. This gives this frog quite good climbing abilities, despite the clumsy body. 

These animals are very secretive. Males emerge from their hidings after strong and continued rainfall.

They take advantage of human activity to some extend and will use shallow ponds in clearings and ditches at forest edges for reproduction. But we also heard males call during the day from hidden places around a natural flooded depression in alluvial forest. 

Tadpoles are dark brown to black above. They are highly specialized suspension feeders. Keratinized mouthparts are absent. The spiracle is medial and far posterior. Development is fast. Larvae reach approximately 25 mm total length




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