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Kalophrynus intermedius

Intermediate Sticky Frog


Kalophrynus intermedius is a ground-dwelling stocky frog in lowland rainforest. It reaches 40 mm snout-vent length in female, males remain smaller. 

The face, chest and sometimes flanks as well are orange. The throat bears two longitudinal bands. There is a elongate gland above and behind the ear that desolves into a series of warts, separating dorsum from flank, down to the groin. Note the short outer finger (and toe). The dorsum is dark brown, the flank is lighter in color. Finger and toe tips are orange. The eardrum is clearly visible.

The abundance of this species has not been studied. Maybe it is common locally, but it is rarely encountered in the forest.

Like other Sticky Frogs this species prefers walking to hopping. When molested, sticky frogs secrete a sticky white substance from their skin. 

No biological data are available for this species. Reproduction and tadpoles have not been described.



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