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Kalophrynus barioensis

Bario Sticky Frog


Kalophrynus barioensis is known from the highland rainforests around Bario (approx. 1100 asl). 

Matsui & Nishikarwa (2011) described the species as a small-sized (males 17.5–19.8 mm SVL, females 20.5 mm). Its third toe is longer than the fifth. The forth finger and fifth toe lack subarticular tubercles; the outer metatarsal tubercle is absent and there is an indistict gland dorsal to the arm insertion.

The dorsal coloration is orange brown with an hour-glass shaped marking of darker brown. Chin and chest are dark brown with faint cream bands medially and laterally. The ventral side of the limbs is pinkish gray and is dotted in dark brown.

This species has a light dorsolateral stripe and a distinct inguinal dark spot without white rim or spotting. 

The calls consist of a short, unpulsed note. There are long gaps between notes. The reproductive mode is unknown.




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