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Glyphoglossus flavus

Yellow Burrowing Frog

Glyphoglossus_flavus McLeod P5120054 Glyphoglossus_flavus McLeod P5130130 Glyphoglossus_flavus McLeod P5130141 Glyphoglossus_flavus McLeod P5130143 Glyphoglossus_flavus McLeod P5220168


Glyphoglossus flavus is one of the most enigmatic frogs of Borneo because it spends most of its time underground. Occasionally, at the right weather conditions, adults may suddenly appear in numbers to breed. The body shape is similar to other Bornean Glyphoglossus, although the head in this relatively small species (35 mm) not as broad as in congeners. The characteristic yellowish body color, particularly in the posterior part of the body is name giving for this species. 

David McLeod and Ulmar Grafe kindly reported the species from Brunei. Fotos courtesy ©David McLeod 2017.




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