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Glyphoglossus brooksii

Brooks’ Burrowing Frog

Calluella_brooksii Calluella_brooksii (2)


This is a squat, burrowing frog, perhaps more widespread than currently assumed. Only a few specimens have been collected, from Bau and nearby areas, including Kuching, in western Sarawak. It is known from heath forests, but may also occur in other forest types.

The dorsum is granulate, the body robust; head short and wide; limbs short and thick; nostrils situated at the tip of the snout; the toes basally webbed, but fringes of skin are seen along toes. Its dorsum is tan to brown with a complex dark brown pattern and belly is cream or yellow.

The largest female known measured 72 mm. Its life history is poorly known, except it inhabits the leaf litter and calls are made during the day, during heavy showers, and the relatively small eggs are pigmented.





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