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Leptobrachella bondangensis

Bondang Dwarf Litter Frog

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This species was described by Eto et al. in 2018 and has only been reported from Central Kalimantan.

The males reach 17.8 mm in snout-vent-length. The tips of the digits arecsharply pointed, arrow‐like. The coloration is pale‐ or grayish‐brown dorsally with dark‐brown markings, a V‐ shape on head, a W‐shape on shoulder, and inverted V‐shape on the sacral region, with some variation in these features. The sides of body are without conspicuous markings. There is a sparse series of rounded ventrolateral glands present on the flank. Venter mottled dark brown on whitish background; lineae masculinae invisible through ventral skin in preservative (maybe visible in life). The webbing of the toes is rudimentary. 

Among species of Leptobrachella, L. bondanensis is most similar to L. baluensis. The presence of pale gray pigmentation with dark mottling on the belly differentiates L. bondangensis from all other congeners, except for L. baluensis (belly lightly pigmented with dense dark mottles).


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