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Leptolalax marmoratus

Marmorate Slender Litter Frog

Leptolalax marmoratus Stefan Hertwig JG5A3561_1 small Leptolalax marmoratus Stefan Hertwig JG5A3563_1_1 small Leptolalax marmoratus Stefan Hertwig JG5A3640_2 small


A large-sized, lowland Leoptobrachella (males: 32– 38 mm, females 41–47 mm) described from southwestern Sarawak (Annah Rais). The  tibiotarsal articulation of limb at least reaches nostril level when adpressed along the body. L. marmoratus differs from all the other congeners except for L. hamidi and L. pictus by unique dorsal coloration, with large dark brown markings on a tan to light brown background of dorsum.  From the very similar L. hamidi, it differs in its much larger body size, presence of discrete dark spots posterior to sacrum, and higher dominant frequency of advertisement call. It overlaps with L. pictus in body size but differs by much more conspicuous, discrete dorsal markings, including a large dark marking on top of snout, and a higher dominant frequency of its advertisement call. For more details and photo see:

Literature: Matsui M, Zainudin R, Nishikawa K (2014) A New Species of Leptolalaxfrom Sarawak, Western Borneo (Anura: Megophryidae). ZOO SCI 31:773–779. doi: 10.2108/zs140137



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