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Leptolalax pictus

Painted Slender Litter Frog



Leoptobrachella pictus has been reported from hilly and montane terrain (500–1.500 m asl), where it lives in primary or old secondary forest. 

This species is similar to the other Leoptobrachella species in body shape and size (~ 35 mm in males, ~ 40–45 mm in females). 

It is distinct from all other species in the genus by clearly defined dark spots from the snout to the groin. The background color is mid to light brown. The dark markings along the sides and on back are bordered by light lines. The upper sector of the iris is orange-red.

To our knowledge tadpoles have not been assigned unequivocally to this species. But we expect tadpoles much of the typical type in the genus. See L. gracilis, for example.



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