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Leptolalax maurus

Montane Slender Litter Frog

Leptolalax_maurus Leptolalax_maurus (1)


Leoptobrachella maurus is known only from Gunung Kinabalu from about 1.800–2.000 m asl (the actual species’ elevational limits are unknown).

It inhabits wet fagacean forests. Adults are typically found along small rocky streams. Males call from low vegetation. The species is smaller (~30 mm) than the other species in the genus. This frog is dark grey or dark olive above, with some orange on the upper arm and flanks. The iris is marbled carnelian/black. Virtually nothing is known about the ecology and the natural history of this rare species.

The reproduction and tadpoles of this species are unknown. But it is safe to assume that the tadpole likely is a interstitial specialist as are all other species of Leoptobrachella.



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