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Leptolalax dringi

Dring’s Slender Litter Frog

Leptolalax_dringi Leptolalax_dringi (1)


Leoptobrachella dringi is quite similar to gracilis, but inhabits Sabah and the northestern parts of Sarawak. It seems to prefer mid to high altitudes (200–1.800 m asl). Males reach 30–35 mm in snout-vent length, females grow bigger and reach up to 48 mm. The coloration is mostly grey and brown with dark markings. The skin is granular with some small warts.

The tadpole of L. dringi is unknown, but we expect it to be very similar to the tadpoles of the other species in the genus. See gracilis page for an impression.

Reproduction takes place in small to mid-sized streams with rocky bottom, where tadpoles live in interstices in the sediment..



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