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Leptobrachium ingeri

Inger's Black-eyed  Litter Frog

Leptobrachium_nigrops Leptobrachium_nigrops (1) Leptobrachium_nigrops (2) Leptobrachium_nigrops (3)


Leptobrachium ingeri was formerly known as L. nigrops. The latter has been split up into L. ingeri and L. kanowitense. is a species of lowland rainforests in coastal areas of Sarawak. It has been recorded it from the base of Mt. Santubong and peat swamp localities. L. ingeri differs from L. kanowitense by its dark blotches on the flanks and dorsum. Leptobrachium ingeri is further differentiated from L. kanowitense by more developed toe webs and by having more pointed finger tips. The upper third to half or more of the tympanum are black in L. ingeri.

Females reach a snout-vent length of 39–47 mm, males are slightly smaller, usually 28–37 mm. The call is a series of 5-10 notes. 



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