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Leptobrachium hendricksoni

Yellow-eyed  Litter Frog 

leptobrachium-hendricksoni_7997_by-Nick-Baker leptobrachium-hendricksoni_8009_by-Nick-Baker


The species occurs in swampy lowland forest. The tadpoles of Leptobrachium hendricksoni have been described long time ago but images are rare. Thanks to the courtesy of ©Nick Baker (Ecology Asia) we can present photos here. As other species in the genus, the tadpoles of L. hendricksoni are large and heavily built. What sets them apart, however, from the tadpoles of for example L. abbotti is the dotted pattern with black dots in L. hendricksoni. L. hendricksoni tadoples live in quiet sections of lowland streams. 

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