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Leptobrachium gunungense

Kinabalu Large-eyed  Litter Frog

Leptobrachium_gunungense Leptobrachium_gunungense (1) Leptobrachium_gunungense (2)


Leptobrachium gunungense was described only in 1996, probably because it is extremely similiar to L. montanum externally. The two species differ in their altitudinal distribution and advertisement calls. 

L. gunungense is found in the primary rainforest of Gunung Kinabalu from approximately 1.500 to 2.200 m asl. At its lower end of the elevational range, it is occurs together with L. montanum in the same habitat.

This frog is brown above. The head is broad. The eyes are big. Outside the iris the eye sclera is white. 

The advertisement call is a long series of 'quak'.

The tadpole of L. gunungense below was found in a small stream with granite rocks at 1.950 m asl. 

At this point we do not know if there are reliable morphological characters to distinguish larve of gunungense from montanum. Tadpoles from both species appear very similar.

The tadpoles are large (up to approx. 70 mm) and possess a strong tail with well developed tail fin. The snout is relatively long and blunt. Early stages have only a few dark spots on the tail. As tadpoles grow, the number of spots increases and the tadpoles become darker in general. The skin has a iridescent shine.



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