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Leptobrachella parva

Rough-sided Dwarf Litter Frog

Leptobrachella_parva Leptobrachella_parva (1)


Leptobrachella parva is found in along medium to large rocky streams in primary forests of low to mid-level elevations. 

They reach approximately 20 mm in both sexes. Males sit on the banks or on rocks in the streams when calling. 

This frog is brown above. The W-marking on the shoulder and the dark marking between the eyes are reminiscent of baluensis, but parva lacks black spots on the flanks and the ear drum is not black. The flanks bear isolated white, flat glands.Toe and finger tips are pointed. Foot webbing is absent.

L. parva frog has a very loud, high-pitched buzzing call. 

L. mjobergi prefers streams coarse gravel. Little is know about the life habits of the tadpoles, which live in the gravel interstices. We present the first image of a parva tadpole here. Maximum length of larvae has not been recorded. The larvae we caught were pre-matamorphic and had not reached maximum size. 

The tadpole's body shape is typical for a Leptobrachella: see L. mjobergi. 

Its snout is longer and the head more dorsoventrally flattened than in mjobergi larvae. 



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