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Limnonectes conspicillatus

Matang Creek Frog

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Limnonectes conspicillatus  was originally described  by Günther, 1872 from Matang but resurrected only recently by Dehling and Dehling (2017).

It is clearly a member of the Limnonectes kuhlii-group (odontoids in the lower jaw, stout body, strong hindlimbs, eye position, wrinkled skin). Males reach up to 75 mm in snout-vent-length. Males grow larger and develop wider heads than females. Toes are fully webbed. It inhabits small to medium size rocky streams of the Matang range. It is larger and ecologically distinct from the sympatric L. hikidai and is distinguished by webbing and ecology from L. kong.

The tadpoles are similar to other kuhlii-group tadpoles: the snout is quite blunt in lateral view, the tail is approx two thirds of the total length. 

Dehling, J. M., & Dehling, D. M. (2017). A new wide-headed Fanged Frog of the Limnonectes kuhlii group (Anura: Dicroglossidae) from western Borneo with a redescription of Rana conspicillata Günther, 1872. Zootaxa, 4317(2), 291–19. 




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