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Limnonectes rhacodus

Wrinkled Swamp Frog

Limnonectes_rhacodus Limnonectes_rhacodus (1) Limnonectes_rhacodus (2) Limnonectes_rhacodus (3)


Limnonectes rhacodus is a small frog with adult snout-vent length of 20–25 mm. It has been reported from central Kalimantan originally, but we could confirm it for Sarawak. Its body is stocky, with strong hind limbs. 

The coloration is sand color with a black area between the shoulders and a light interorbital band. Dark streaks extend backwards and diverge onto the thighs.

This frog inhabits seepage areas, shallow forest puddles and quiet shallow sections of forest streams. 

The skin bears scattered tubercles that may form a dorsolateral ridge. The skin of the middle part of the dorsum forms transverse ridges or wrinkles.

L. rhacodus is can be confused with Occidozyga species, but is distinguished from them by size, coloration and specific skin texture. Reproduction and larval development are unknown.




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