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Limnonectes ibanorum

Rough-backed River Frog

Limnonectes ibanorum (1) Limnonectes ibanorum (2)


Limnonectes ibanorum inhabits the river backs of streams in primary of secondary forests. It has a preference for broad, clear streams with rocky bottom.

Females may reach 100 mm and males 130 mm in length. The thighs are strong and this frog is a good jumper.

Although similar in size it is distinguished from L. leporinus by the absence of a dark stripe between eye and nostril and from L. ingeri or L. malesianus by its warty ridges on the back.

Calls have not been reported. The species might be voiceless. 

The tadpole on the image below was found in a sun-exposed side pool of a large, clear river, a situation preferred by the species (yet, identity not verified by DNA). It is a typical Limnonectes-type tadpole, insofar as it is dorsoventrally depressed and tan in color. The tail is relatively long and the tail tip is pointed. The tail fin is moderately high with whitish dots (as in other Limnonectes species). All individuals from the site had a dark marking at the trunk-tail transition. 




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