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Limnonectes finchi

Rough Guardian Frog

Limnonectes_finchi (1) Limnonectes_finchi (2) LImnonectes_finchi (3)


Limnonectes finchi is one of two species of guardian frogs. They have a terrestrial egg deposition under leaf litter. The male guards the eggs. Tadpoles hatch and mount onto the back of the male. It carries the tadpoles to a nearby body of water.

Limnonectes finchi reaches a snout vent length of 30-40 mm. The head is relatively short, the snout is rounded and blunt. The skin of the back is warty. There is a inverted V-shaped skin fold between the shoulders. It lives on the forest floor in lowland primary and secondary forests of Sabah and north-eastern Sarawak.

The tadpole are dorsoventrally depressed. The tail is fairly long and the tail fins are moderately developed. The tail tip is moderately pointed. 





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