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Limnonectes asperatus

Rough-backed Frog



Limnonectes asperatus is a stocky, brown medium-small frog. The body is brown on the dorsum and gets lighter laterally. The body is covered with thick, conical warts, giving it an unique appearence. The warts are white colored on the lateral sides. 

Appendages are short with dark bars present. This frog has large Occidozyga-like eyes, which are positioned high on the head.

According to Inger & Stuebing, males reach 38 mm SVL, females appear to be of the same size.

This species is known only from south-central Kalimantan and is found on the edge of lowland streams with large rocks. Little is known about its ecology. Details of reproductive biology are unknown. More research is still needed on this species

The image on this page is to our knowledge the first published images of a living specimen. 

[text and photo © Leonard Aditya, Indonesia]




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