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Alcalus sariba

Saribau Dwarf Mountain Frog

ingerana_sariba ingerana_sariba (1)


The taxonomic status of this species has not yet been consolidated. It is treated here tentatively. 

Alcalcus sariba is a medium sized, stocky frog. The body proportions of the genus (see the other species) apply to this species as well. The head is relatively big for the size of the trunk and the pelvic region short. It reaches 36 mm in snout-vent length.

It is known from eastern Sarawak. Coloration goes from light to dark brown with some darker markings. The adhesive disks of fingers bear a white cross-bar.

The species differs from Alcalcus baluensis mostly in being larger. Otherwise both species are similar.

The species was discovered in a seepage area close to a slow moving stream in a swampy forest section. 



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