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True Frogs II


The contents of the family Ranidae have changed several times during the past few years (and we might see further changes in the future). We use here the current definition of Ranidae with 26 Bornean species. Other species formerly assigned to the Ranidae have been transferred to the families Dicroglossidae and Ceratobatrachidae.

Bornean ranids inhabit the forest floor and lower vegetation. They comprise medium to large species.

Egg deposition is in the water. However, details such as egg mass and mode of deposition remain unknown for most species. 

However, species of Meristogenys attach their eggs in a layer over submerged rocks in the current. Meristogenys and Huia tadpoles possess a belly sucker and can live in torrential waters of cascading, clear mountain streams. 

The known tadpoles of the genus Staurois are highly specialized leaf litter burrowers.


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