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Hylarana erythraea

Green Paddy Frog

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Hylarana erythraea can be considered a commensal species. It takes advantage of human activities and is abundant in agricultural areas, ditches along roads, irrigation ponds, etc. 

The dorsal side is green with a yellow glandular fold running from the eye to the anus. It is white-lipped. 

H. erythraea is agile, shy, and a strong jumper. Males usually are around 40 mm, females reach 75 mm snout-vent length

Inger & Stuebing (2005) described the call as a "squeaky warble."

The tadpoles of this species live in stagnant, usually sun-exposed waters with abundant water plants. Tadpoles grow up to 40–50 mm. Their coloration is unique and should not be confused with any other species. Note the partially red iris and marbling on dorsum and flanks. The tail tapers to a flagellum, often with a light lateral stripe. Tadpole can become darker towards metamorphosis.



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