Polypedates leucomystax closely follows human activities: it is found around villages, artificial forest edges, and along roads where it breeds in ditches and puddles. It does not enter primary forest.

Size of adults: up to 50 mm in males, 70 mm snout-vent length in females. The coloration is light to mid brown with four lines (in most individuals) on the upper side and clear banding of the legs. It is similar to
Polypedates macrotis, but differs slightly in coloration and proportions.

Eggs are deposited in foam nests. The nests are usually on the surface of a pool of water, attached to vegetation or twigs.
Tadpoles grey-green to brown above. The eyes are far lateral. The tail base bears a horizontal pigment stripe which is bordered above by a pigment free stripe. The underside is silvery-white including the spiraculum and cheeks laterally (almost reaching the eye).

Tadpoles grow up to 40-50 mm total length. The tail fin is narrowly pointed, forming a flagellum.

We have always found these tadpoles in stagnant water, mostly puddles (often ephemeral) with silty bottom and at least partial sun exposure.

Call recording by ©Chaluppa & Griep 2009